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Healing and Recovery in Children Exposed to Domestic Violence

Room 202 July 24, 2018 1:15 pm - 2:45 pm

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Lundy Bancroft

This presentation guides professionals and other community members in best approaches for supporting recovery in children who have been exposed to violence at home. Initial topics include building safety, assessing the impact on the child, assessing the impact on the mother-child relationship, and assessing the impact on family functioning. Next we examine ways to help children heal emotionally through processing their experiences verbally, using expressive therapies, and using group counseling. The importance of empowerment work with children is examined, with an emphasis on values education, development of critical-thinking skills, and children’s participation in safety planning.

The workshop also explores how best to work with mothers to facilitate their children’s healing, including how to increase the mother’s ability to protect her children, how to build a working alliance with a mother, and approaches to providing parent guidance. We also discuss ways to work with abusive men about their parenting that have the best chance of leading to behavioral changes.

Session Materials:
Healing and Recovery in Children Exposed to Men Who Batter