Child Abuse, Medicine, Race and Ethics

Room 202 July 24, 2018 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm

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Dr. Mark Hudson
Joel T. Wu, JD MPH MA

Session Description
This session will review some of the data on racial disparity in the MN child protection system. We will review literature pertaining to the medical evaluation of child abuse related to race and ethnicity and discuss the ethical considerations related to mandated reporting. There will be time for discussion with session participants. Though this session will focus on workup and mandated reporting by medical providers, the ethics issues raised in this session are applicable to a wide range of professionals and mandated reporters.

Learning Outcomes

  • Participants will understand the current data on racial disparity in MN Child Protection system
  • Participants will identify ethical consideration in mandated reporting as it pertains to the medical evaluations in child abuse relate to race and ethnicity


Session Materials:

Child Abuse, Medicine, Race and Ethics