Legal Considerations for Immigrant Youth and Parents in the Child Protection System

Room 203

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Immigrant and mixed-status families involved in child welfare often face several particular issues, including a child’s extended separation from parents, a parent’s detention or deportation, legal barriers relating to immigration status, as well as other cultural considerations. When working with immigrant and mixed-status families, it is important to be aware of these potential issues in order to provide effective and culturally-competent services. This training will provide an overview of potential forms of immigration relief, for children and their parents, and will address the legal rights and best practices for working with immigrant and mixed-status families within the child welfare system.

Learning Objectives

  • • Discuss current immigration climate and its effect on immigrant and mixed-status families
  • • Provide a brief overview of common forms of immigration relief for immigrant or mixed-status families (for both parents and children) and how they may be impacted by child welfare proceedings
  • • Address the legal rights and best practices when working with immigrant parents
  • • Provide an overview of immigration status and its effect on placements of immigrant youth