Dr. Farji Shaheer

Dr. Farji Shaheer

Hennepin Health Next Step Program

Farji Shaheer is a Mental Health Professional with over 15years experience dealing with individuals who are suffering from some from of mental illness ranging from PTSD to depression and anxiety. Farji Shaheer is currently the manager of the Next Step Program which is a department within the hospital that specializes in addressing trauma faced by individuals in unsafe communities across the Twin Cities.

The Next Step Program is a Hospital Based Violence Intervention Program (HBVIP) that assist survivors of homicide, shootings, assaults and stabbings between the ages of 12yr to 28yr olds with options to their current living situations. Individuals are provided mentoring along with assistance with obtaining housing, education and safety. The goal of Next Step is to reduce the rate of recidivism and retaliation of individuals effected by these types of injuries.

Farji Shaheer has utilized his skills to develop a narrative surrounding the victims/survivors that allows the individuals to be viewed as human beings and not criminals. Over the last few years, Next Step has expanded to North Memorial, providing the same resources for individuals seen in their facility. Farji Shaheer is able to gain confidence from the individuals suffering from these types of wounds by using Narrative Medicine and Motivational Interviewing to bridge the gap between community and health care.

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