Jennifer Christensen

Jennifer Christensen

Carver County Attorney's Office

Jennifer Christensen is the Juvenile Division Manager in the Carver County Attorney’s Office, prosecuting juvenile delinquency and child protection cases. She joined the Juvenile Division as an Assistant County Attorney in 2008, and handles a variety of cases for the division. This includes matters ranging from petty offenses, such as curfew violations, to felony level delinquency offenses. Christensen also works with the social services agency in bringing actions to protect abused and neglected children. These actions can include petitions to address children truant from school, children in need of protection and services petitions to serve abused and neglected children, and petitions to terminate parental rights.

Christensen is a member of the MCAA Juvenile Law Committee, Carver County Children’s Justice Initiative, the Carver County Child Mortality Review Board, the Carver County Child Protection Consultation Team, and the Carver County Child Protection Investigations Team. She also consults with and provides advice to law enforcement and other county agencies.

What Does the Law Say About Information Sharing on a Multidisciplinary Team?

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