Jessica Unkelhaeuser

Jessica Unkelhaeuser

First Witness

Born and raised in Minnesota, Jessica Unkelhaeuser, MSW, grew up in a small town with a supportive and loving family. As she started “seeing” disparities in her community she began to speak up for what was right. This continued after high school and was the motivation for her College direction in Social Work. Jessica received a Bachelor’s in Social Work from University of Wisconsin-Superior and a Master’s in Social Work from University of Minnesota-Duluth. Jessica has worked in in the community and social services field for more than 19 years and the capacities include: Juvenile Detention Counselor, Crisis Shelter Advocate, Youth Mental Health Outreach Worker, Housing Case Manager, Child Protection/Youth and Family Services in Wisconsin and Minnesota Counties, Reproductive Health Education, Mental Health Services, ARMHS Services in Tribal Communities, Case Management Services, and Community Advocacy. Jessica has presented several different workshops on various training and research topics. Through all her work experiences it has been confirmed that her long-time passion and talent in advocacy will always trump her other skills.

Safety Beyond Our Doors: The Role of Advocacy in Assessing Risk

Room 203

Download session presentation One role of advocacy is to walk with the child and family through all of the systems and processes that come into play after a child discloses abuse and help identify how those systems can support and provide safety for the family. Advocates respond to the self-identified needs of the family and […]