Stacy St George

Stacy St George

Anoka County Attorney's Office

Stacy St George has been a prosecutor since 2004. She has worked in both large and small counties. Stacy is currently with the Anoka County Attorney’s Office in the criminal division. Her passion is working with high risk, teen victims, and walking them through the highs and lows of a trial.

With that passion, Stacy recognizes the impact this work can have on prosecutors, first responders, and other amazing people that work with children who have been abused. Stacy speaks all over Minnesota about vicarious trauma and how it can impact both the individual as well as their families.

Preparing Teenagers for Testimony

Room 205

Teenagers are the most difficult and, oftentimes, most overlooked, child victims. Youth ages 12 to 18 are caught in a limbo world where they are striving to establish independence, negotiating their sexuality, and maturing into adulthood. This session helps attorneys, law enforcement, psychologists, and social workers navigate the difficult legal process through the eyes of […]