Teresa Nord

Teresa Nord

ICWA Law Center

Boozhoo, my name is Teresa Nord. I am a Parent Mentor at the ICWA Law Center with the Indian Advocacy Team. I work with Indian families who currently have open child protection cases. I am a Native woman in recovery who at one time had an open child protection case. At that time, I struggled greatly in my addiction to heroin and mental health, as well as a drug charge that led to my stay at the woman’s correctional facility. I have since closed my case with a TLC and have been successful in reversing that finding. Now a mother of two beautiful girls ages 11 and 9 months and 4 years of sobriety.

The Indian Child Welfare Act

Room 202

Download session presentation The Indian Child Welfare Act was enacted in 1978 and is a federal law that applies to certain individuals in child protection and third party custody proceedings. This first half of the session will provide background on the ICWA Law Center, the enactment of ICWA, the ICWA as the law stands today, […]